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Group Discussion Overview
Group Discussion is one of the recent trends which is generally taken by most of the Big Companies to know the presentation skills & the knowledge of the candidates basically his/her General knowledge, General Awareness, current affairs knowledge.

GD is taken in?
Various MBA Institutes
Various Big Public/Private sector Companies
Various Banks

Types of Group Discussion
Formal Group Discussion
Student Group Discussions
Business Group Discussion

GD Syllabus
Group Discussion generally have to fixed syllabus specially in MBA entrance test, you just need to be aware of current affair that's all.

Rules/Tricks/Tips for Group Discussion
There are always certain rules to appear in Group Discussion(GD), its not only the knowledge which matters while appearing in GD although knowledge is must without it you can't even proceed. Here are few trics
1) Take your sit with a pen & paper or else they(company) will provide you
2) Listen your topic properly & take the decision whether you want to speak "for" or "against" the topic. This is an important point to decide sometimes even you are comfortable to speak against but f there are to many speaking against the topic than you can take "for" this will increase your chance of selection because you will get time to speak & to keep your point.
3) Maintain your posture, don't revolve pen or play with it or any such mischief because your points get deducted due to all this.
4) Don't see towards invigilator or the judge/mentor(who is going to select) because this may deduct your points
5) Don't be silent, you have to take part to get selected
6) Don't involve in any personal discussion otherwise you will be directly disqualified.
7) Use of abusive or unsuitable words will disqualify you.
8) Don't seek to much, it is also not good for Group discussion
9) Make eye contact while speaking, listen properly before speaking, goog listening skills are also important
10) Don't raise your voice too much while speaking, this will deduct your voice
11) Don't summarize all the points in order to get involve, this give bad impression as if you don't know or you don't have your own views.
12) Don't extend your self beyond your soldiers if you want to point your left candidate than use your right hand & vice versa.
13) Don't finger point someone just use your whole hand to indicate any individual.

Best Trick
Before starting, make a list of all the candidates who are in your group for group discussion, now half of them won't be knowing rules or they some how break them, by there posture, don't involve in discussion with them because they are already out, try to rule out others.

What if you don't know the topic?
Since GD has no fix syllabus it can be anything from anywhere, so there may be situation that you don't know anything about it or you can't understand the topic completely.
For example There may be topic like "INDIA 2020"
Now someone may start with India in Twenty 20 matches, its future, it is quite interesting etc..
but the Topic is India in the Year 2020, what would be the growth rate & how you look India in the year 2020.
The person starting with Twenty 20 matches completely misunderstood the topic, so Don't start if you don't know, let others spic after 1 min when 2 or 3 three of them will speak you will get a rough idea & now you can proceed this will save you when you don't know the topic