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BSNL TTA Exam 2015 Syllabus, Previous year papers, Sample questions of General Ability Test, Basic Engineering & Specialization

BSNL TTA Exam 2015 Preparation
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL) is going to conduct the BSNL TTA Exam on 20th December 2015. Candidates who applied for the post & want to prepare for the examination than you are at the right place. This page will be updated frequently with lots of questions. We request you all to keep in touch & starting studying from now.

Exam Pattern 
The paper will contain 3 parts General Ability. Basic Engineering which will contain questions from Maths, physics & electronics related questions. The third one is Specialization which will contain questions in depth from electrical, network lines, communication & modeling, microprocessors & computer related questions.

The detailed syllabus of each section is given below.
Part- I : General Ability Test : 20 Marks
Part – II : Basic Engineering : 90 Marks
Part – III : Specialization : 90 Marks
Syllabus & sample questions from each sections

Useful Books for Exam Preparation We recommend you to purchase these books for your preparation besides these sample questions as these sample questions won't be enough to qualify these exams.
These are some of the best books we found

This section will contain General Knowledge questions for example capital of the city, name of commisioner & other famous personality of various organisation, day to day matters, current affairs, observation & experience & some basic English including antonyms and synonyms, fill in the blanks and multiple choice exercise etc

Sample questions
Prodigy means?
a) sweet dish b) offspring, c) spendthrift, d) exceptionally telented person

Choose the correct option
My father has given his _______
a) descent, b) ascent, c) accent, d) assent

What is the shortest ___ from Delhi to Mumbai ?
a) root, B) route, c) rout, d) roote

1. Applied mathematics : Co- ordinate Geometry : Vector Algebra; Matrix and Determinant : Differential Calculus; Integral Calculus: Differential equation of second order: Fourier series; Laplace Transform, Complex Number, Partial Differentiation.

Sample Questions
Ques from Co- ordinate Geometry: Equation of a line whose x intercept is half as that of the line 3x + 4y = 12 and y intercept is twice as that of the same line.
a)3x + 8y = 24
b) 8x + 3y = 24
c) 16x + 3y = 24
d) 3x + y = 6
Ans is d)

Ques from Vector Algebra: The point having position vectors 2i + 3j + 4k, 3i + 4j + 2k, 4i + 2j + 3k are the vertices of. 
a) Right angled triangle
b) Equilateral triangle
c) Isosceles triangle
d) Collinear
Ans is Equilateral triangle

Ques from Fourier Series: The trigonometric Fourier series of a periodic time function have
a) sine terms
b) cosine terms
c) DC term and (a) and (b)
d) both (a) and (b)

Ques from Integral Calculus : What does du equal in ∫2x(x2 + 1)5 dx?
a) 2x
b) 2u du
c) 2x dx
d) 5u4

Ques from Differential Calculus: G(d) was determined to be 3d + C; here, C is called: 
a) the constant of differentiation.
b) the constant of anti-differentiation.
c) the constant of integration.
d) the constant of death and taxes.

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