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Important questions of Law in IPCC, How to prepare for Law in CA IPCC
Important questions of Law in IPCC
Law is the theoretical subject in group 1 of IPCC. Students find so many difficulties in this subject like how to remember all the sections of the company law, all case studies, all judgments given by the high court etc. This is also one of the boring subjects in this group. How to study this subject is one of the important questions for the student. First of all students try to make the list of important questions from this subject.

The subject of law is divided in the 3 parts in IPCC. 
1. Law
2. Ethics.
3. Communication.

Law is also divided in two sub parts which are business law and company law. Now from this student can make out the list of important questions. Below I have provided some important questions as per my experience.

Important Questions for the Business law.

1. Which are the features of valid contract?

2. In which circumstances acceptance is not valid?

3. What are the legal rules regarding a valid offer?

4. How an offer can be revoked?

5. Explain the difference between offer and invitation of an offer.

6. Explain the difference between communication of offer and acceptance.

7. In which circumstances an agreement is valid without consideration?

8. Explain the duties and rights of Agent.

9. Explain the essentials characteristics of a promissory note, bills of exchange and cheque.

10. Which are the additional privileges of a holder in due course?

11. In which circumstances employer can do reduction and forfeiture of gratuity?

12. Explain the concept of set off and set on in view of payment of bonus act.

Recommended Books for IPCC

Important Questions for the company law.

1. Explain the concept of “CORPORATE VEIL”.

2. Explain the different types of companies.

3. Explain the distinction between public company and private company.

4. What is the procedure of conversation of a public company into private company and vice-a-versa?

5. What is the procedure of alteration of MOA and AOA?

6. Explain the Doctrine of constructive notice and Doctrine of indoor management.

7. What is PROSPECTUS? Explain the requirement of issue of Prospectus.

8. Stat the difference between MEMBER and SHARE HOLDER.

9. What are the rules regarding a QUORUM?

10. Explain the provisions and appointment procedure of PROXY.

Important questions for the communication.

1. Explain the advantages and limitations of oral and written communication.

2. Which are the barriers of communication?

3. What are the guidelines for Active listening?

4. What is Negotiation? Explain the step by step process of negotiation.

5. Explain any 6 ethical dilemmas in communication.

6. Why innovative spirit is important in any organization?

7. Specify the notice of AGM with ordinary business and for the appointment of additional director as a regular director.

8. Affidavit for transmission of shares- specimen.

9. Explain the elements of gift deed and stat the one gift deed.

Important questions for the Ethics.

1. Explain the seven social sins described by Mahatma Gandhi.

2. Which are the needs of social corporate responsibilities?

3. What are the steps of implementing corporate social responsibilities?

4. What is means by Harassment? And explain the importance of ethical behavior at the workplace.

5. Explain the difference between Consumer interest and public interest.

6. Which are the ethical principles to be followed by an accountant?

So that these are the very frequently asked questions in the examination of Law, students have to revise these questions at revision time and make the preparation more effective. So all the best to students.

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