PowerGrid Diploma Trainee Exam syllabus, books, previous year papers 2016-17

Power Grid recruitment examination for Diploma Trainee 2016-17
Every year Power Grid hires Diploma Engineers in the Electrical Department. Thousands of candidates apply for this post to work in the core field which will not only give you practical knowledge but will also make your future bright by working with such a big organization. For the current year Power Grid is going to conduct the recruitment examination for 49 post of Diploma Trainee, Junior Diploma Trainee and Assistant. Candidates who all want to grab this golden opportunity and want to be the part of Power Grid need to clear the selection process.

The details of the selection process are given below. 
For the post of Diploma Trainee candidates need to clear only the Written examination while for the post of Junior Officer Trainee and Assistant post candidates need to clear both Written test as well as Skill test.

Written test details
Type of exam: Objective type
Number of questions: 120
Marks per question: 1
Negative marking: 1/4

Paper I : Professional Knowledge
Paper II: Aptitude Test (vocabulary, verbal comprehension, quantitative
aptitude, reasoning ability, ability to determine data sufficiency, interpretation of graphs/charts/tables,
numerical ability etc.)

Qualification Score:
Diploma Trainee (Electrical) and Junior Officer Trainee (HR)
Assistant (F&A)
Unreserved Category
Minimum 40% in Total
Minimum 30% in each Part separately
Minimum 40% marks in total

Reserved Category
Minimum 30% in Total
Minimum 25% in each Part separately
Minimum 30% marks in total

Sample Questions
Paper I : Professional Knowledge

Important topics for Diploma (Electrical) Engineering
Electrical Machines: 
Rotating Machines, DC Machines and Motors
Networks and SC Fundamentals
Resonance and Selectivity
Coupled Circuits and Filters

Electrical Instruments
Types & Classification of Instruments
Analog / Digital Instruments
Multi range ammeter and voltmeter

Analog Electronics
Passive and Active Circuits Element
Relays, Switches, Cables and Connection
Zener Diode
Biplor Transistor
Operational Amplifiers

Circuits of Resistor, capacitor, inductor, transformer, relay, switches, batteries/cells, diode, transistors, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, LED, LCD, photo diode, photo transistors, ICs

Basic Instruments: Multi-meter, oscilloscope, power supply and function generator. 

Theorem: a. Superposition theorem.
b. Thevenin’s theorem.
c. Norton’s theorem.
d. Max. Power transfer theorem.
e. Super Position Theorem 

Magnetic Materials, Electrical carbon material
Di- electric Materials, Insulating Materials, Electrical properties, Mechanical properties, Chemical properties

Open loop & closed loop control system

Transmission Systems: HT & LT lines – EHV & HV voltages
Types of Insulators
Control AC /DC Motor, Switch mode power supply, AC Power Conditioner

Recommended Books

Paper II : Aptitude test

Check the below Pie Chart and answer the following questions

Question 1: If the share of National Banks is 200 crore, then what would be the share of Corporate and FII in total
a) 67 000 crore
b) 67 00 crore
c) 34 000 crore
d) 33 00 crore

Question 2: What would be the total share of NRI , Corporate and FII 
a) 75%
b) 78%
c) 80%
d) None of these

Question 3:Continue the series and find the next number to continue
746, 635, 524, 413, 302, 291, ___
a) 180
b) 179
c) 191
d) 180

More questions will be added soon..  

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