How to Prepare for the Technical Interview, Tips / Tricks to crack Technical Interview

Technical Interview How to crack it 
Technical Interview is conducted by all the Organization when they hire candidates which need to work Technically, mainly for Graduate Engineers, Post Graduate engineers these are a bit common as they want to choose the cream from the crowd hence they use to take Technical Interview.

Candidates who will be appearing in the Technical Interview and want to prepare for the same to give there best need to keep certain things in mind in order to succeed. Generally Technical Interview is followed by Personal Interview or HR Round(Link) in most of the companies which is the final round. Candidates who clears the Technical Interview are the once who faces the Personal Interview.

Tip 1: Prepare Resume Well
Give a lot of time in preparing your resume because most of the companies check what you have written in you Resume related to Technical Knowledge for Example If I am a Computer Engineer and I am appearing for the Technical Interview,  then I will mention subjects in which I a really Technically strong, because even they know that candidate won't be perfect in all the subjects, hence mention only those in which your are conceptually strong because writing too many things in Interview without knowing is the first step you made for your rejection

Tip 2: Make your basic strong
Candidates who are appearing for the technical interview need to keep one thing in mind that even though you are not Technically strong in all the subjects still you should have the basic knowledge of all the subjects which you studied in your Graduation or Post Graduation. Some organization just ask you to give the general overview of all the Subjects hence at that time just 2-3 lines for 1 subject is enough to get selected.

Tip 3: Choose 1-2 subjects in which you are technically strong
Sometimes Interviewer looks for the subjects in which you are really technically strong and then the whole Interview proceeds in gathering more information from that subjects, hence always keep few key subjects which can lead towards qualifying your Technical Interview

Tip 4: Don't Line or speak for which you are not sure
Sometime candidates express themselves as if they know a lot which might be conceptually wrong, just remember that the Interviewer has taken thousands of Interview hence there is not way you can fool them.

Interview is something which also depends on you luck, sometimes you think that your Interview was superb but still you are not selected as then don't worry just think that something better than this will come in future. Just be positive and work on making yourself better for the next time.  Lots of Walk-in Interview keeps on occurring at various locations just keep on trying and you will succeed one day.

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